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Imagine an advertiser-friendly Christmas Marathon specifically designed to make your listeners feel GOOD. Complete with those favorite Christmas songs your audience has come to LOVE, heartwarming stories they’ll CHERISH and chuckle over, and more stars than the Heavens will hold.  
The KeepTheFaith! Christmas Marathon is truly “Contagious Radio,” produced by a collaborative team of the finest programmers, producers, and on-air talent from coast-to-coast. Dozens of the Industry’s top programming and production talent from NY, LA, Nashville, Miami, Orlando, Austin, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Charlotte and even Ft. Wayne, Indiana have come together to put together the most spectacular holiday event special ever! Yes, this is radio at its very best.
Three format-friendly versions are available for air on your station between December 22-December 31: AC, Country and Contemporary Christian. Each combine the nostalgia of yesteryear with the hope and encouragement for a bright 2018. Now, more than ever, it’s time to be positive and encouraging as America comes together to Keep The Faith!

– Commercial Free for 1st time Country and AC stations!

– FTP Delivered on December 15, 2017

– Total Running Time of the AC version: 3 Hours (and, yes, you may double or triple run the program)

– Total Running Time of the Country version: 3 Hours (and, yes, we encourage you to double or triple run the program)

– Total Running Time of the CCM version is 12 hours (may be broken up into two 6 hour blocks). Note: Many stations are double or triple airing this version on both Christmas eve (Sunday) and Christmas day (Monday)

– FULL array of Advertiser-Support Sales Materials available for your local sales team!

– Non-Com version available in select markets for Non-Commercial stations (please inquire)

“This is the finest holiday special in all of Radio. It’s produced specifically to make you feel as though you are listening in to event radio of yesteryear, when people were snuggled up and sitting around the fireplace, hot chocolate in hand, radio on, with the Christmas tree lights glowing nearby. We have garnered huge numbers for previous KeepTheFaith marathons and our sponsors love it. We offer it with limited commercial interruptions–so we are able to get premium dollars from just a couple of local title sponsors.”

– Mike Blakemore, Program Director/WFSH in Atlanta

“Quite frankly, we offer this to local advertisers who are looking for premium Christmas content to sponsor. They want something special–and this is it. Nothing else compares. By airing the marathon, we also have the opportunity to give our on-air and talk show talent the day off on Christmas eve and Christmas day.”

— Chuck Tyler, Director of Programming/KKLA, KFSH in Los Angeles

“Stations get an overwhelming amount of audience sampling during the marathon. This has become a calling card of sorts for them. So, this year they have specifically included family friendly, mainstream names like Hillary Scott and Sadie Robertson, to guest-host. Plus features with the likes of Reba and Dolly! These stars serve as a magnet for people, especially women, who are looking for truly festive holiday programming to share with their families while driving around town listening to Christmas music.”

– John Frost, Radio Station Consultant/Partner, Goodratings Strategic Services